Live Streaming of Spiral Ambient
a Public Performance by Shuta Hasunuma

March 10, 2016

On March 11 (Friday) , "Spiral Ambient - a Live Recording of Shuta Hasunuma's Performance" at HIGH RESOLUTION FESTIVAL at SPIRAL will be streamed live on DSD5.6MHz and DSD2.8MHz.

Musicians Shuta Ishizuka (guitar), Seigen Tokuzawa (cello), Tomohiko Gondo(euphonium) will perform, together with performer Yasutake Shimaji, words expert and poet Ryota Yamada, spatial and environmental designer Ayami Sasaki, with audio sculpting by Hasunuma himself. This will be a recording event where music created through a diverse approach towards a space and venue Spiral will be recorded in DSD. We hope you enjoy it!

*Please be informed all content will be in Japanese.
As content will be recorded in binaural, listening on headphones is recommended.

■"Spiral Ambient - a Live Recording of Shuta Hasunuma's Performance"
Performance by: Shuta Hasunuma(
Venue: Spiral Hall(
Supported by: OTOTOY, Sound & Recording Magazine, sponsored

■Live Streaming Date & Time:
March 11 (Friday) 2016 from 19:00


In today's world, where methods of listening and enjoying music are ever diversifying, "Hi-Res" is the major trend and key word in audio equipment/final formats, reputed to be "the closest quality to studio sound" by artists and recording engineers.
HIGH RESOLUTION FESTIVAL at SPIRAL is an event that will feature displays and sales of audio equipment, talk shows, trial listening, as well as multilaterally experiencing the appeal and 'now' of "Hi-Res" through live recordings.

■ About the musician

Shuta Hasunuma
Born 1983 in Tokyo.
Organized the Shuta Hasunuma Phil, giving concert performances and composing for movies, theater plays and dance performances.
In recent years, he has applied the technique of composition to various media, seen in movies, audio, 3D, installation.
He is also active in the planning and configuring of exhibitions and projects such as the concert series "Music Today."
His newest album "Melodies" will be released in February.