8 ENSEMBLES IN 1 BIT - NativeDSD Recording

June 11, 2018

8 ENSEMBLES IN 1 BIT - NativeDSD Recording will be streamed on-demand in DSD11.2MHz, DSD5.6MHz and DSD2.8MHz.

On-Demand from: June 11, 2018(JST)

Producer : Jared Sacks
Recording engineers : Daan van Aalst, Jared Sacks
Recording location : Muziek Centrum voor de Omroep
Recording date : March, 2015
Technical information
Microphones : Bruel & Kjaer 4006, Schoeps
Digital converter : Horus by Merging Technologies
Workstation : Pyramix by Merging Technologies
Mixing board: Rens Heijnis, custom design
Speakers : Grimm LS1 Digital Speaker System
Cables : Van den Hul, 3T

About the DSD Album
The Just Listen label of NativeDSD lets you become part of the recording process by showing you the studio, listening room, recording sessions, recording equipment and by interviewing the musicians on the days of the recording. This 26 minute "Behind The Scenes" video can be watched on the album page:
You will also find more information about the artists, repertoire and the reviews, awards and technical specifications there!

NativeDSD provides listeners a top-quality resource for DSD, DXD and Analog-to-DSD Music in Stereo, Binaural and Multichannel configurations, directly from record labels and engineers making these recordings. Getting you as close to the original performance as possible. NativeDSD offers the largest DSD Catalogue Worldwide, with Albums from over 60 Record Labels.

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