The 10th anniversary live concert
of the Blue Coast Records
St. Valentine Day's special on-demand streaming

from February 1, 2016 (JST)

The 10th Anniversary Concert hosted by Blue Coast Records will be streamed on-demand in DSD5.6MHz, DSD 2.8MHz.
January 26, 2016 7pm - 9pm (PST)
Alex de Grassi, solo guitar
Keith Greeninger, singers/songwriter
Fenix Supper Club (San Rafael, CA, USA)
From February 1, 2016(PDT)
[Extended!]Extended to celebrate DSD11.2M DSF Digital Delivery.
The 10th Anniversary Concert hosted by Blue Coast Records Part1
(Keith Greeninger)
The 10th Anniversary Concert hosted by Blue Coast Records Part2
(Alex de Grassi)
The 10th Anniversary Concert hosted by Blue Coast Records Part1
(Keith Greeninger)
The 10th Anniversary Concert hosted by Blue Coast Records Part2
(Alex de Grassi)


Blue Coast Records has been a leader in the high resolution audio movement. Founded by 5 time Grammy nominated producer/engineer Cookie Marenco, the label set a standard for live acoustic instrument recordings focused on acoustic pop, folk, Americana and jazz. Using their proprietary recording technique called Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.), Blue Coast Records became the first label to sell DSD high resolution downloads.

2016 begins the 10 year anniversary of the label's first release, Blue Coast Collection. To mark the occasion, Blue Coast Records plans a series of concerts and live recordings to DSD. The first event is planned for January 26, 2016 at the Fenix Supper Club in San Rafael, California. It will include an unedited on-demand release of the entire concert in DSD through Primeseat, a new company out of Japan that has experts from Sony, Korg and IIJ involved in this innovative technology. Fenix will also broadcast a live video stream of the event.

Headlining this show will be former Windham Hill artist, Alex de Grassi, Americana Folk artist, Keith Greeninger and acoustic duo Quiles & Cloud. An album will be available through Blue Coast Records in the spring.

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"...intricate finger-picking technique with an uncanny gift for melodic invention." --Billboard

As one of the first artists on Windham Hill, Alex de Grassi established himself as an innovator and virtuoso of acoustic guitar. His early recordings of original music and arrangements of folk, jazz, and world music have influenced a whole generation of fingerstyle guitar players. His recordings from 1978 to 1998 are considered classics of the genre.

Alex's thirty years of international touring include performances at Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Montreux Jazz Festival and numerous guitar festivals. Alex has been commissioned by Acoustic Guitar Magazine to compose a concerto for steel-string guitar and string orchestra. He has been a frequent guest teacher at the National Summer Guitar Workshop, the University of Milwaukee, the Interlochen Institute, and the prestigious Berklee School of Music.

Along with his own label, Alex is a distinguished artists on Blue Coast Records with one of the most popular recordings of the last few years. Blue Coast Special Events are recorded live in the studio without headphones always revealing the best performers. Along with his acoustic guitar recordings, this Special Event showcases Alex's harp guitar, an instrument of extreme difficulty and incredible resonance.


"....His husky baritone is an anchor in a turbulent sea of life. With each successive listen, it seems to get richer and more lush." -- Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live in NYC

What Keith Greeninger brings to music is his authenticity. There are no barriers between Keith, his music and his audience. This bond stems from Keith's philosophy that music is a gift and a medicine to take part in together. Along with his skills as a seasoned performer, these things combine make Keith the perfect Blue Coast Artist.

Keith's masterfully crafted tunes earned him the top songwriting awards at the prestigious Telluride Bluegrass Festival, The Kerrville Folk Festival and The Napa Valley Folk Festival. He has toured the USA extensively for over two decades performing at Folk and Americana festivals while appearing on countless national radio shows.

As one of Blue Coast Records first and most loved artists, Keith appears on 2 SA-CD collections and several Special Events. His song "Looking for a Home" has been used by dozens of audiophile manufacturers as a test for acoustic sounds. The high resolution audio division of Sony featured Keith in one of their brochures. Whether he sings a well known cover song or one of his own, Keith always brings us a unique touch with his dynamic voice.


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