Yosakoi Festival 2018

from December 7, 2018 to August 13, 2019 (JST)

When it comes to summer time in Kochi, it is "Yosakoi Festival".
This festival with a tradition of over 60 years is held for four days from August 9th to 12th every year. Especially on the 10th and 11th of the festival performance, it is held at the 16 venues in the city of Kochi.
Approximately 200 teams, 18,000 dancers have "naruko" and they show impressive performances while leading the sound of "Jikatasha" with gorgeous decoration.
The most unique is its music. It is necessary to include the phrase "Yosakoi Naruko Odori", but it is free to arrange. And "naruko" beaten to the music with various arrangements made by each team is indispensable for Yosakoi Festival.
You can listen to this short audio clip of three teams parading through the Saenba venue in dance during Yosakoi Festival in 2018. Please enjoy the sound of "naruko" wooden clappers beaten by dancers to the unique music.

1.Opening 1:29
It is a team mainly led by corporate staff of NTT Docomo Kochi Branch.
It is a long-established team based on a major shopping street in Kochi city, that has been participating since the first Yosakoi Festival.
It is a club team that is well-known for its vibrant costume and cry those five a boost to the festival.
5.Ending 0:57





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